Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Harlemite's Cop It or Drop it: Buju Banton-Rasta Got Soul COP IT!

Buju Banton is back. If you are a fan you will not be a disappointed. In his new album "Rasta Got Soul"(Gargamel Music) You can hear the growth of Buju as an artist as an artist and a person on this album. There are some great tracks on here. My favorites are: Optimistic Soul, Affair of the Heart, and Lend a Hand. The album is in stores today. Harlemite says go cop it! Big up to Tracii Macgregor of Gargamel Music and Michelle Lin.

You check out a couple of tracks below:

Bedtime Story featuring Wyclef Jean

A Little Bit of Sorry

Go out and support good music!

Have a good one.

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