Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Kim Kardashian loses on Dancing With the Stars

I just caught tonight's episode on DVR and was surprised that Kim Kardashian lost. To be clear the dance routine was not great but she would have survived for a bit longer for eye candy to the show. Sorry Kim...I know you tried hard but as they say where there's a beginning, there's an end...

Here's her last routine.

Who do you think has been the best so far? Post a commnet and let me know.

I think Warren Sapp has been the best.

A Classic Interview

Sports fanatics may remember this one but for those that are not; this was a funny interview. Short but not so sweet...

I think Jim Rome needed Steve from Jerry Spriger to break this up!

Have a good one.

Harlemite Video of the Day 9/30/2008

Til Tuesday-Voices Carry

A great song that is slept on.

Monday, September 29, 2008

Harlemite Song of the Day

Ed O G. And the Bulldogs- I Got To Have It

Shout out to to all the Beantown People

Funny Monday

With the Stock Market at low, the economy in shambles, and gas prices so High i th I would brin a bit of humor to your lives today to ease your mind a bit.

Wu-Tang Financial_Chappelle's Show

Its the real

Easy Money

Enjoy and have a great day!

Sunday, September 28, 2008

Harlemite Song of The Day

Maroon 5-Sunday Morning

Friday, September 26, 2008

Sarah Palin's Interviewing Skills vs Kim Kardashian's Booty Shaking Skills on Dancing with the Stars-Chris Rock on Larry King Live

This interview with Chris Rock on Larry King is classic. Here are a few clips of it.

He compares Sarah Palin's interviewing skills to Kim Kardashian's Booty Shaking Skills on Dancing with the stars.

Sarah Palin Interview

Cricket! Cricket! I wish the interview had the Blind Date Captions in it.

Kim Kardashian On Dancing with the Stars

Reggie Bush, Help her out! lol!

Who do you think is better?
Post a comment and let the Harlemite know.

Enjoy the Presdiential Debate tonight and have a great weekend!

Thursday, September 25, 2008

What's In Your in Tool Bar?

You know how people ask you what's in your wallet or in your pockets to figure out what kind of personality you have. Well I figured since we are in ghe age of technology I figured to do a blog What's in your tool Bar?

Here are mine:

www.theworldaccordingtoharlemite.blogspot.com (shamless plug: Wesite coming soon!lol)
All of my fantasy sports leagues(Yahoo, ESPN, CBS Sportline)

*Note-These are the current ones and are suject to change at anytime*

Post a comment and let me know what is in your tool bar.

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Old School Wednesdays

You know what day of the week it is. Here comes your fix. Enjoy!

Jodeci-Cry For You

Eric B and Rakim-Microphone Fiend

Ten City-That's the way Love is

Inner City-Good Life

Duran Duran-Save A Prayer

Spandau Ballet-True

Remember this TV theme

Have a great day!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Artist Promotions

I just came across these promo videos of pop artist name Tynisha Keli and thought they were good. I know some artists that do this but it is very sparatic. What I liked about TK's is that she is consistant with her videos and seems very genuine. If artists took the time to do this it would go a long way. In the climate of music industry these days the more you do to sell yourself (within rightful means of course) the better. It only takes a few minutes.

Here are some video blogs
Syracuse shout Out

With Neyo

She also does fan requests


The 700 Billion Dollar Bailout.

I feel this is absolutely ridiculous. How is that we bail out private companies but if a person in the US gets sick and doesn't have heatlh insurance or health care may not get treated in the hospital?

For that matter, it does not even make sense why people are homeless in this country.

Our debt would be over 11 Trillion Dollars??? That is never going down. It is a debt that is never going to dissolve unless we take over the whole world.

You might as well call what your weekly check "tax" rather than a "check" because that is what it is going to all go to eventually.

You can make about 586 new Yankee Stadiums with that Bailout money!

It is bananas!

Let me know your thoughts.

Talk to you later.

Monday, September 22, 2008

California Govenor Arnold Schwarzenegger for President in 2012?

In light of all of the political talks that are taking place due to presidential election that will be taking place on November 4th (BTW, I can't wait until this day comes. I wish we could vote now!) I thought I would show some interesting clips of our govenor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger. Check them out.

Arnold In Brazil

Did you peep how he tried to grab on the butts of the "mulatto" skinned samba dancer?
Also, the way he teaches English may put Rosetta Stone out of business. lol
I guess this what you call International Relations! :)

Arnold On The Dating Game

Arnold Disrobes on a TV show

This is a funny clip

You never know, he may be our president in 2012....

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Stereotype Saturdays

These clips are funny. Remember we all have to be able to make fun of ourselves!

The Surfer Dude

The Valley Girl

Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

Friday, September 19, 2008

Funny Clips for a Friday

Here are some fun clips to into the weekend with. It's the last last Friday of the summer!


Caught Cheating

Bill Burr- in Harlem

Religious White People

Have a great weekend!

He is hilarious!

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Sex, Sex, and More Sex

Lexington Steele-one of the porn industry's pioneers.

Here are some sex tips from Lex

The Kara Sutra Dropping Some Sex Tip For You

Dual Vibrators

Safe Oral Sex

"Cherry Poppin'"

How to Detect a Fake Orgasm?

Sex on the First Date
I am going to feature this topic on a blog in the near future. I just want to give you a preview of this now.

Post a comment and let me know your thoughts.

Have a great day!

Video of the of Day

I decided to start this just when I get inspired by something during the day. Today I have two music related videos. Who knows next week it may be a video blog or commercial
I hope you enjoy it.

Outkast-Players Ball

Look how different their imagine. They are genial artists.


I have not heard this song in a long time. It is a great song!

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Random Clips

Here's a few clips to give you some chuckles...

Eric and Jeff you are consistant with your videos. Kudos to you!

Benny Hill is a classic

One of the best comedy shows of all time! Living Color...

Old School Wednesdays

I am in a early 90's State of Mind Today!

Das EfX-They Want EFX

Lords Of the UnderGround-Here Comes the Lords

Ce Ce Penniston-Keep On Walking

FU-Schnickens-La Schmoove

M.O.P.-How About Some Hardcore

Jodeci-Cry For You

Since it is the start of the NFL season I had to put this one in the mix.

Dion Sanders

Enjoy your day!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Have Seen A Million Places and I Rocked Them All

What up world? Another day. Another Blog! The Harlemite Tour is going world wide! Rock Star status! Anyway, I feel all musicians need to have the full package. It’s great to be able to make great songs and great albums, but you have to be able to have a great stage show as well.I have been concerts that that made me go out and buy the album. It’s an important tool to have as an artists.

Here are some of my favorite concerts to I have seen (this is not in order of favorites):
-Sting (The Dream of the Blue Turtles Tour was dope!)
-Michael Jackson (This is a must!)
-N’sync (Those guys put on a great show. I slept on them!)
-Billy Joel and Elton John (An amazing Piano Medley they the did together)
-Spitkicker Tour 2000 (This was a classic!)
-De La Soul (Always a great experience! )
-KISS (They were without the make up but it was good)
-The Mighty Sparrow ( It was the first concert. It was long but very memorable)
-Depeche Mode ( I saw the perform in Nice, France. It made me realize how music is universal because most of the people there did not even understand everything they were singing)
-Sade ( It was her first performance after her drug rehab. It was dope.)

Let me know some of your favorite concerts that you have experienced.

Word of the day:
1.Cheerful and hopeful 2.Reddish or ruddy

After Desi got off of Santa Claus’ lap at the mall, the smile on her face the sanguine attitude she for the rest of day made us believe that she was confident that she was going to receive 3 gifts that she wanted for Christmas.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Enjoy your day! Talk to you tomorrow!

Monday, September 15, 2008

Relationships 101- Is this Cheating. O.P.P

Hey Y’all. I hope all is well and you all had a good weekend. I was having a conversation with some folks about relationships and it was interesting hearing the perspectives of what people considered cheating and what their partners considered cheating. Here are some scenarios.

What do consider cheating?

1)Ladies, If a guys reads MAXIM or KING Magazine Do you feel that he is cheating on you or looking for love elsewhere?

What if he reads Playboy or Penthouse?

2)Guys, If a lady reads Cosmopolitan or Playgirl is that considered cheating?

3)Going to the strip club?-Both Genders

4If you watch Porno or late night soft porn on Cinemax, Showtime or HBO?-Both Genders

5)Having lengthy conversations on forums such as myspace, facebook, or any type of site?

6)Communicating with people on on-line dating sites?-Both Genders

7)If you have dirty conversations with someone on line (Cyber sex)?
Both genders

8)If you have lunch or dinner with a recent ex?

9)If you acknowledge a beautiful person in the street while you are with your partner?

10)If you have a lot of text conversations with someone you used to deal with while you are with your partner?

Friday, September 12, 2008

Wash Yo Nuts!

This clip is hilarious! A funny excerpt to end your week! She is serious about this!

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Old School Wednesays

Party people in the place the be. Here is the crush groovin', the body movin' Harlemite here to that will make jump out your seats and say Ola Ola Oh Yeah! I am about to hit you with those tunes to make your body groove!

Rapper's Delight

LL Cool-Bad

Slick Rick- Young World

Toni Basil-Mickey

Waylon Jennings-Dukes of Hazzard Theme

I hope you like the selections this week. Post a comment for a request or to say what's up

I am Audi 5000!