Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Chitlins Interview

Here is an interview with the new phenom group called Chitlins.

Harlemite: What up guys? How are y'all doing?
Chitlins: Great!

Harlemite:First off, Congrats on your #1 ranking on MTVMUSIC.com . How does as a new group to be ranked ahead of the likes of Jay-Z, Drake, and The Black Eye Peas?
Chitlins:Thank You! …. Feels like making good love in the summertime!

Harlemite:Do you eat Chitlins?
Chitlins:You don’t just 'eat' Chitlin! You feel Chitlins!

What are some of your favorite dishes?
Chitlins:Anything that is good for the soul.

Harlemite:How did the idea of "The BOOM BOOM Dance" come to fruition?
Chitlins: The Boom Boom Dance is written to bring the old and the new together …. To let everyone know that its alright to have fun, live life, and embrace each other while we are here on earth no matter the the time, place, color or age.

Harlemite: How did the group Chitlins form?
Chitlins:Formed by the creator and brotherly love, and what can be more perfect than that?

Harlemite:What music did you grow up listening to? What do you listen to now?
Chitlins:We listened to anything that had good vibrations, still do. One thing that keeps people together is the math of music with good vibrations. Why you think it's called harmony brother?

How do you feel how internet has played in the success and possibly the demise of artists these days?
Chitlins:It is A Good thing and a bad thing all rolled up into one … The good news is that you get a broader market and it puts independence on the rise, that’s a plus. On the other hand the bad news is that with all the sharing your music is more susceptible to be given for free meaning harder to keep track of your profits for your work also it takes the fun out of going to a physical store and seeing the artwork and getting tangible item in your hand.

Are there any other projects that you guys are working on?
Chitlins:We got a thing going with The Hip Hop Love Foundation Project, you gonna here about it soon. We're doing something real experimental on it too. We hope the concept and they way we executed the material is gonna make people look at a few thangs too. Artistically and socially.

Harlemite: What would you like for your fans and the masses to know about Chitlins?
Chitlins:We would like you to know that we are not here or there … but “Everywhere” and we love y'all!

Thanks for your time and good luck!

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