Thursday, November 13, 2008

Motown Philly Back Again-An Illadelph Dedication

Last weekend the The New York Giants played the Philadelphia Eagles in football, resulting in Giants victory.. Even before the Giants won, I was receiving a lot of hostility from the Philly fans. Occasionally, I have conversations with some sports fans and ask them which city do you feel has the worst fans? It always comes down to New York, Philly and Boston. Somehow New York gets eliminated and it's either Boston or Philly.

I used to think that Bostonians were the worst fans but due to the recent success of the Red Sox, Celtics and Patriots, I feel they have simmered down a notch or two.

The Philadelphia Phillies just won the World Series in Baseball and the Philadephia Soul won the championship in Arena Football. I thought that may calm they them down but it hasn't. I guess they still feel incomplete.

Maybe if the Flyers, 76ers or Eagles bring a championship home if that will help.

Fun Fact: Did you know that in the old Eagles Stadium, (Veteran's Stadium) and I think the new one, Lincoln Financial Field, they have a holding cells and and working judge during the games. Keep in mind most courts in the United States are closed on Sundays.

Today, I decided to dedicate this post to the wonderful city of Philadelphia.
This was inspired by Maliek Ball and Brooke Dean.


Quotes from Ben Franklin


Boys II Men-Motown Philly

Jazzy Jeff and The Fresh Prince-Girls In the World Are Nothing but Trouble

Patti Labelle-On My Own



State Property


Philly Phanatic

Allen Iverson

And finally, they Philly Faithfuls!

Sorry, no cheesesteaks in this post! :)


Anonymous said...

Wait, did I miss something? Were there clips from the legendary Roots Crew in there today?


You can't have "illadelph" in your blog title without something from "Illadelph Half Life!" Stop the madness!!! LOL!!

But I loved the Boyz II Men video, I was sitting here at my desk like "doodoodoodadadooodaadaaayyayayayayay" LOL!!

And the AI clip about practice was hilarious! I remember everyone in Philly being like "who cares about practice man!?" LMAO!!

Good ones!

Shout out to Lazaros Pizza Shop on the corner of 18th and South! Best pizza and cheesesteaks in Philly!

Brooke said...

That comment above was from me, BROOKE! It posted as anonymous incorrectly for some reason :-)