Tuesday, November 25, 2008

What was the First Album or Sing that You Bought?

Hey Everyone,

Over the weekend and I was doing some winter cleaning ( Yes, I am trying to be ahead of the game!)and I came across the first record I ever bought. It was "Square Biz" by Teena Marie. I remember I was spending the summer at my Aunt and Uncle's house in Maryland and my cousin Robert would blast his this in his room and in his Trans Am every day. I got hooked on it. As soon as I came back up to NYC I went to the record store and got it.

So, what was the first song or album that you bought?...Harlmite would like to know.


Nyasha said...

ooooh on the tlc tip. lol baby baby baby remains to be one of my favorite songs. . .

mama's got moxie said...

oh, i had that one too! :) i love, love, love some teena. always have. but i think the first record i bought was doug e. fresh and slick rick's "la di da di." the first album i owned (bought by my mom!) was definitely off the wall by m.j.