Tuesday, September 16, 2008

I Have Seen A Million Places and I Rocked Them All

What up world? Another day. Another Blog! The Harlemite Tour is going world wide! Rock Star status! Anyway, I feel all musicians need to have the full package. It’s great to be able to make great songs and great albums, but you have to be able to have a great stage show as well.I have been concerts that that made me go out and buy the album. It’s an important tool to have as an artists.

Here are some of my favorite concerts to I have seen (this is not in order of favorites):
-Sting (The Dream of the Blue Turtles Tour was dope!)
-Michael Jackson (This is a must!)
-N’sync (Those guys put on a great show. I slept on them!)
-Billy Joel and Elton John (An amazing Piano Medley they the did together)
-Spitkicker Tour 2000 (This was a classic!)
-De La Soul (Always a great experience! )
-KISS (They were without the make up but it was good)
-The Mighty Sparrow ( It was the first concert. It was long but very memorable)
-Depeche Mode ( I saw the perform in Nice, France. It made me realize how music is universal because most of the people there did not even understand everything they were singing)
-Sade ( It was her first performance after her drug rehab. It was dope.)

Let me know some of your favorite concerts that you have experienced.

Word of the day:
1.Cheerful and hopeful 2.Reddish or ruddy

After Desi got off of Santa Claus’ lap at the mall, the smile on her face the sanguine attitude she for the rest of day made us believe that she was confident that she was going to receive 3 gifts that she wanted for Christmas.

“Life isn’t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself.”

Enjoy your day! Talk to you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

You have to see Maze featuring Frankie Beverly.. great concert. But Prince has to be my favorite.. no one can touch his shows.

Ducky said...

let's see... people who I have seen who "rizock the spot" © Ason

Teena Marie: her voice is just powerful

Maxwell: I thought he would be boring but he put on a helluva show

Nikka Costa: Her shows are like a party

Tribe, De La, Little Brother: Pure energy

Esthero: Can't imagine how she sing after smoking all those cigarettes.

Badly Drawn Boy: very low key, sublime performance but amazing.

wow...there's prolly tons but those are the ones I can think of off the top of my head...