Friday, September 12, 2008

Wash Yo Nuts!

This clip is hilarious! A funny excerpt to end your week! She is serious about this!

Have a great weekend!

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Anonymous said...

Hygiene is important but so is grooming. This reminds me of a gentleman I use to date. It wasn't a hygiene issue but a grooming issue. All men are funky under their testicles and if they are clean it's not a stinky funk. It's just a odor of "we been down here all day hanging and we need some air"…lol. I have an issue w/ men that don't groom and expect oral sex. I mean you don't have to be hairless… but take some scissors and cut back some of the brush. I should not have to move the brush aside. All that hair holds more funk. And if you never cut it just gets thicker and longer… not pleasant for your partner. This one gentleman I dated liked for me to gently bite him on the sides of the base of his testicles. Well it was cool at first but his hair would always get stuck around my tongue piercing and in my teeth. Talk about a buzz kill. That is quick way to ruin a moment. You never want to have to say ahh.. can we take a break so I can floss. Or come up for air and you have hair stuck all in your teeth. Not sexy… So men… you expect your woman to groom.. It works both ways.