Monday, September 15, 2008

Relationships 101- Is this Cheating. O.P.P

Hey Y’all. I hope all is well and you all had a good weekend. I was having a conversation with some folks about relationships and it was interesting hearing the perspectives of what people considered cheating and what their partners considered cheating. Here are some scenarios.

What do consider cheating?

1)Ladies, If a guys reads MAXIM or KING Magazine Do you feel that he is cheating on you or looking for love elsewhere?

What if he reads Playboy or Penthouse?

2)Guys, If a lady reads Cosmopolitan or Playgirl is that considered cheating?

3)Going to the strip club?-Both Genders

4If you watch Porno or late night soft porn on Cinemax, Showtime or HBO?-Both Genders

5)Having lengthy conversations on forums such as myspace, facebook, or any type of site?

6)Communicating with people on on-line dating sites?-Both Genders

7)If you have dirty conversations with someone on line (Cyber sex)?
Both genders

8)If you have lunch or dinner with a recent ex?

9)If you acknowledge a beautiful person in the street while you are with your partner?

10)If you have a lot of text conversations with someone you used to deal with while you are with your partner?

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Anonymous said...

I think none of the above are cheating. Now as you get further down the list... you are playing it a bit close. Some of the items are inappropriate but doesn't cross the line of cheating. I think you have to communicate with your partner and let them know when they do something that makes you feel uncomfortable. And if they respect you they should refrain from that behavior. My rule is respect the one you're with and respect your relationship. Make the other person feel secure without compromising your own personality. And if those things are too much of a challenge… then maybe you don't need to be in that relationship. ;)