Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Myspace vs. Facebook/ Euro 2008

What up?!

Since I did not post a blog yesterday, I figured that I would do a double blog for today. For a while a I have wanted to write this particular blog due to the nature of the several social networking site that are on the web these days. Two major ones that most people are suscribed to are Myspace and Facebook. I remember when about 5 to 6 years ago when Friendster and Black Planet were there big social networking site. Then Myspace evolved in which blew them out the water. Now it seems to be a competition between Myspace and Facebook.

I attended a wedding over the past weekend in which the age group was bascially 30 and up. I was surprised that the main conversations that were taking place at the wedding was about Facebook. I had to inject the conversation at one point and say this is crazy; we are at wedding and everyone here is talk about facebook. Everyone started to laugh.

I feel both sites are dynamic and I give kudos to Tom Anderson and Mark Zuckerberg for coming up with the ideas for this site. You definitely got people hooked on thses sites. It funny because I will e-mail some people I know to their google or aol e-mail and accounts and not hear from them and send the same message to them on facebook or myspace and get a quicker response from them from the myspace or facebook page.

Even when you go out now you will see people on their blackberries or I phone in a bar or club that are constantly checking thier messages. It's phenominal.

I have had a myspace page for a few years. I basically did for my business and I can definitlely say that I got some great business connections from it. I just signed on to facebook at the beginning of this year. It's been amazing how many people that I have not spoke to in a years that I caught up with. I have spoke to people that I went to school with in 3rd grade.

I wanted to go over of what I feel some are some of the pros and cons of each site


-Great for connecting with people all over the world
-Listen to all types of music
-Blog posts
-Great for musicians and people to fan base and followers
-Ability to put different modules on your pages

-Spam mail
-Random Solicitations
-Some Peoples Pages are a eye sore because they are too busy
-Time it takes to upload some pages because there is so much stuff on some pages
-Random people that add you that are trying to find a jump off
-Can be addictive


-Connecting with people form your past.
-Applications (i.e. Scrabulous, Scramble,ect...If you have some skills challenge me to a game!)
-Easy to set up you page
-Cleaner looking pagers
-Mutual friend Module

-Too Many Applications
-People knowing when you write a message or do some on your page
-Can be addictive
-That people can post on your wall without your approval
-Poeple can upload and tag pictures of you without your approval
-Fun Wall make you page too big

In a conversation I was having last night at Supernodes Netwroking group that co-host, an interesting quote was brought up about the two sites by my good peoples Eric Rosenthal.

"Facebook is who you are, Myspace is who you want to be."

Things that make you go hmmmmmm....

Post a comment and let me know you pros and cons of these sites or just your thoughts on them.

Graft-Myspace Jumpoff

It's kinda funny!

For those who may not know, the Euro 2008 Football ( Soccer) Championships started this past weekend. For those who like football you will have a great 3 weeks of some solid matches. This is taking place in Switzerland and Austria. This is a teaser of what to expect for the World Cup 2010 in South Africa, minus the representation of teams from five other continents. There are some strong teams in the contention for winning like Germany, Italy, Holland, Croatia, France and Portugal. I am going with the defending champs Portugal to repeat.
They have a solid team, good coach and arguably the best player in the world Cristiano Ronaldo. He plays on the English Premier League Club Manchester United, that just won both the English Premier League and the Champions League this year.

Here is some footage on Cristiano Ronaldo.

These are all the goals he scored this season

Here's some extra footage. This looks like a European MTV Cribs with just instrumentals.

If you are into soccer you should check out a dynamic site called www.soccerfantasypro.com
You can soccer fantasy teams and read some great soccer blogs. Check it out. You may see some blogs post from the Halremite on there soon! Kudos to Lilly Tovbin and Patrick Mulrenin for creating this site!

Harlemite Shoutouts to: Siba, Bahiyah Robinson, John Lord, Amanda Amann, Phil Reese, Renewick John-Sandy, Bryan Adams, Erica Hall, Eric and Jeff Rosenthal, Tutu, Roslynn Corrubias, DJ Rasta Roots, Vic Grimes, Mike Dillon, Adrian Jones, Jamahl Gambler, Andrew, Gabriel Mendes, Alysha, Ellen, Linee, Jason Jones, Vic, Tania Kowalewski, Jeremy Hercules, and Crystal Mitchell.

Quote of the day:"Do just once what others say you can't do, and you will never pay attention to their limitations again."-James R. Cook

See you tomorrow!


Anonymous said...

once upon a time people used to be able to get away with ...well you know what and a lot more than they can now if they have the Space or FB - now... it's another story. These sites have recently lead to my thought "is it better to know or is it better to be naive"... a woman's intuition is a powerful thing - combine it with the normal human desire of some would call it intrigue others would call it stalking..and what's done in the dark doesn't stay in the dark as much now.. On the other side of the coin do you feel that people over read into these sites too much and they create unnecessary problems?


I remember when black planet started... and I said, "I'll never do that." Now I'm a facebook/myspace junkie...lol. It's easier than talking on the phone.

I like the cocktail of the week...nice addition.