Monday, June 30, 2008

Useless/Random Facts- Monday June 30th

Hey! I hope you had a great weekend and having a good start to your week.

I figured why don't we start off the week and end the month with something we all have a few of in our minds (not sexual fantasies so get your minds out the gutter!lol!); some useless and random facts to read.

Here are some Random facts

Some more good ones.

Here are the last set of facts

Here's the millionth video played on MTV

The Buggles-Video Killed the Radio Star

Please post some useless facts that you may have.

Harlemite shouts out- Jacqueline Jiminez, Zoe Hutzler, Ona Peterson, Joy Warren, Dionne, Dionna, Yolanda and the whole Lexington Kentucky crew,Fred "Freddy Cupid Matthews, Brian Monroe, Larry "Loco"Meadows, Kenyatta Bell, Bell aka Belacious, Michael "Cornbread" Gilbert, Janice Bryant ( Cuz I wiash you a healthy recovery), All of the coaches at Lexington Catholic High School, Erin At Paddy O's in St. Louis, Mike aka Skip, Everyone on the Foley's Softball team, and the K-Crew Basketball Squad.

Quote of the day- " I used to not want to kiss my mother and law; now I am kissing her ass!-Rodney Dangerfield

Have a good one!

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