Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Name that Toon!...Wednesday June 25th, 2008

Hey Hey Hey!

I don't know if it's just me but I tried to watch a new cartoon the other day on Saturday morning and it was horrible. I feel like they don't make cartoons the way they used to.I remeber when I was younger I would rush home after school to watch cartoons ( I was a latch key kid). I also woke up bright and early on Saturday to watch all of the cartoons that came on as well. It seems like kids watch more reality TV then cartoon nowadays. Today I want to get a bit nostalgic and bring back some good cartoons from back in the days. Name that Toon!

Chilly Willy

Woody Woodpecker

Justice League

Battle of the Planets

Mr. T


GI Joe


Laff A Lympics

Davey and Goliath

This was the only cartoon that would be on early Christmas Morning




I could go on forever and post so many!

Post a comment and name the cartoons that you like.

Harlemite Shouts out: Larry McKenzie, David Munford, Nigel Rawlins, Steroids, Kevin Oberle, Vanessa Penson, Derrick Hostler, Alice from Digiwax, Echo Hattix, Kevin Mercer, Drew Goodman, Kyrie Hobart, Carmen Orozco, Leroah Young, Marcus Samuelsson, Judy Khan,Dante, Andrew Chapman, Peta-Gaye Marsten, Kate Silas, and Ben Delta.

Quote of the day:"Who's got the Chewies?"-Allan Grantham

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