Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Wedesday June 4th, 2008-Victory for Obama

Good day everyone.

The day has finally arrived. The democratic nomination has been announced. It's a boy. lol! Barack Obama will be democratic candidate that will be running against McCain for the presidential election in November. It seems like this has been going on for eons and it can now be put to rest. Congrats to Obama. He earned a well, hard fought victory. No one can deny him of that. He just wrote a monumental new page in United States history.

Here are some clips from his victory speech.

Here's part II

I feel he really is great public speaker. Obama keeps your attention as well as get his point across in a eloquent manner.

The one thing that surprises me is how Hillary Clinton did not concede to Obama winning the nomination. I have been listening to talk radio and reading comments about that throughout the day and alot of the conversations have focused on this. There were comments about her being a racist, being scorned, and just a plain sore loser.Other sources I have been coomunicating with are saying that she won't do so because then she can't ask for anymore funding for campaigning anyome. It beats me. I don't think that she is a racist at all. I do feel she a tough competitor and will go to the extreme to enable herself to get an edge. These tactics she used are not something that have never been done. They are actually done all of the time. I feel that some of this did get blown up because she is white woman competitng against a black man; which was a wet dream for the media to magnify anything controversial. At the end of the day she could have acknowledged him winning the nomination.

Please post a comment on your thoughts on this historical campaign. Do you think Hillary Clinton with take the Vice President candidancy? There is no way that you don't have any thoughts on this.

Here's throwback video for you that fits the nature of a heated battle

Quote of the day: " If you don't take risks , you don't drink the champagne"-Gary Kasparov

Talk to you tomorrow.

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E said...

I never thought I would see the day, but over and over people are saying that they have a way to show their children.... see? you can be anything you want! Thats a lesson and a half, and we should be very grateful to both of these trailblazers. Ive always felt that the Clintons understood something that most people don't, and to see Hillary and Bill use that understanding to manipulate and con the public is disconcerting. Are they racist? Nope. Just devious, sheisty, and willing to go as far as needed to get ahead. Congratulations Barack Obama! Maybe we ought to go door to door to make sure that everyone is registered and able to vote.