Thursday, April 24, 2008

Freestyle Friday's and The Sean Bell Verdict April 25th, 2008

T.G.I.F Good peoples! It's time for some fun and laughs to get ready for the weekend. Some of you may have rolled into to work after being out late last night dinking...And maybe some of you did not make it to work.

Here's some good work place humor.

I had to put this one in for those who have never seen this.

Shout out to Eric and Jeff over at . Keep up the great skits!

On a more serious note, this morning the verdict of the Sean Bell Murder came out. It was announced and the cops that shot him were all acquitted. It is really sad to see how our justice system works. Please edify me on the functionality of it. A man gets shot at 50 times, murdered, and no one goes to jail. A person who gets caught for tax evasion goes to jail for years. Someone who gets caught for DUI goes to jail. A person who sells a gram of Marajuana or cocaine can be indicted for months or years. A person who rapes someone can be free to walk. America is truly a capitalistic society. It's money over humanity. If you mess with someone's money you go to jail. If you do something inhumane you have a chance to live freely except if you harm dogs or any animals (i.e. Micahel Vick) . Sean Bell could have been any one of us. This just does not make any sense. Sometimes I feel like we have to go back to ancient times with Hammurabi and the Law of Codes when it was an eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth for true justice. RIP Sean Bell and blessings to your family. Everyone please post you opinions and comments on this.

Throwback Video of the week

This is a classic!

Harlemite's Word of the Day: Scuttle verb 1. To run with quick hasty steps.2. noun a quick pace.
Deborah scuttled to the other side of the street when saw a few rats jumped out the garbage can near her.

Today's Quote-"History is the version of the past events that people have decided to agree upon"-Napoleon Bonaparte

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Have a great weekend! Until Monday my good peoples!


I Sort Glass said...
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I Sort Glass said...

Answer to this Sean bell situation. Stop spending money. Your dollars are you power in NYC... If thousands can walk around in the street unified then thousands more can assemble with the idea of not spending a cent in this city money that further pays for the recklessness that abuses and takes lives every year. Shut the city down and one or two things will happen. Changes will be made or the military will come in and things will be even more hostile. Either way are people even prepared for either outcome.

E said...

I read the news of the detectives' acquittal on all charges (50 shots!) on 3 different sites today because I thought I might be hallucinating. According to, the Judge (and sole decider) based his decision, at least in part, on the fact that some of the witnesses had criminal backgrounds and past convictions, and some of the witnesses were just not believable. This reasoning is overtly biased and horrifically unfair. There is a reason for the chronic distrust of our justice system and the men in blue that so many of us have, and it is maddening how many times we are advised to blindly trust and accept that which we know to be wrong. I am incredibly sad for Sean Bell's children, fiance and family. I hope that they will be able to find some peace with this despite the lack of judicial vindication.

Anonymous said...

I feel for the Bell Family, their loss is tremendous! We all have to take a look at the lawyers for the Bell family. Many experts felt they did a terrible job in handling the case, the burden was on them to prove the cops were wrong. In my opinion all they did was add more doubt, I am not sure what anyone wanted the judge to do. He mentioned that the burden is not on the defense, I would be even more upset if the Judge took matters into his own hands and ignored the the evidence presented.