Monday, April 28, 2008

RIF-Reading Is Fundamental Monday April 28th, 2008

Hey Everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. It's about that time of the year where people are dusting off the BBQ grill, pulling the motorcycle out the garage, and taking the crash course workout regiment to get ready for the warm weather has arrived.

Today I want to briefly touch upon a topic that I feel is becoming a lost pastime in our society which is reading a book. Due to the technological boom in our world it seems like that reading a book is lost in the ruff . Television, PDA devices, and computers has really taken over. When I look around I see people texting someone on their phone, playing game on their blackberry, or even checking their facebook page on their IPhone. Even when I go to a cafe where you used to see people have a beverage and reading a book, they are now posted up with their laptop browsing the web.

Dont get me wrong, I dont feel that people all of this stuff is negative. I just feel there needs to be more balance in what we do.

Even when I go to a lounge or club I see people all into their PDA devices rather than enjoying the company they are around or the event they are attending. Some poeple I see so engrossed in their gadgets that if a fire started where they were they would be clueless of it even happeneing.

That is why I feel we should find the time to read more books. Not only can you gain knowledege but it gives you some the focus on that is non tecnological(Especially in the A.D.D. world that we live in now!) .It also can be relaxing.

I know some of you are probably squirming in your seats because you may not like to read books. That's okay. Take baby steps . Read some magazines that have some substance to it. That does not mean Playboy, The Source, Comopolitan, or something gossipy. Read a magzine that is going to give you some useful information that you would never read before. Go out the box! Here is a list of some suggested books and magazines for you to read.

Harlemite's Suggested Reading List


The Diamond Cutter-Geshe Michael Roach
The Four Agreements-Miguel Ruiz
The Five People You Meet In Heaven-Mitch Albom
The Alchemist-Paulo Coelho
The Power of Now-Eckhart Tolle
Rich Dad Poor Dad-Robert Kiyosaki
*The Bible, Torah, and/or Qu'ran

Travel and Leisure
National Georgraphic
Black Enterprise
Mens' Health/Women's Health Magazine

Please feel to post your comments and any other books and magazines that you feel be good to read.

If you are having a rough start to the the week here are some clips to make you laugh

This is where you start if you want to become a Govenor.

Then you do a few movies to solidify your votes!

This one has a lot of great laughs!


Now I have to end with the real!

Thanks for the weekly fix Eric and Jeff!

Harlemite word of the day-Querulous(adjective)1. full of complaints 2. peevish or fretful

The querulous crowd of twenty thousand people were rowdy when they found out that Concert was cancelled becuase the band did not show up.

Quote of the Day- " The fools says' don't put all of your eggs in one basket; the wise man puts all his eggs in one basket and guard that basket closely"-Warren Buffet

Talk to you tomorrow!

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CLK 123 said...

Don't forget about the NY Times.
Loved Rich Dad Poor Dad. I'm listening to Echart Tollie's New Earth...feels like I'm cheating though. Still getting the message. I love to read a good novel. It takes my mind off the crowded subway.