Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Funny Movies and Corny Movies that You Like

What up everyone?

I was having a discussion with some friends about movies and and we got into a conversation of some the funniest movies that you have ever seen. Movies that when you watch them for the 100th time you laugh just as hard as you did when you saw it the first time. Here is a list of some the funniest movies I like.It is not in an any particular order . Post a comment a let me know some of your favorites.

1)Old School
2)Super Bad
3)Animal House
4)Fast Times Rigdemont High
5)Coming to America
7)I'm Gonna get you Sucka
8)Harlem Shuffle
9)Ferris Bueller's Day Off
10)40 Year Old Virgin

Other notables: Porky's, The Toy, Road Trip, The Golden Child, Airplane, Borat, and Slapshot.

Shout outs to Kweli Wright and Julie Dickens! lol

Then it came up about the corny movie you may be ashamed to like aka the guilty pleasure movies(Get you mind out the gtter I am not talking about porn! lol) . Everyone has them so as you read this dont even try to nod your head in denial . Here are some of mine. Dont be afraid to post and admit some of yours!

1)Love Don't Cost a Thing
2)Stomp the Yard
3)State Property
5)Police Academy 1 thru 6
6)Short Circuit
8)The Jerk
10)D.C. Cab
Notables: Grease II, Enough, Lucas, The Goonies, The Outsiders, Some kind Of Wonderful, Teen Wolf , and any movie that comes on Lifetime Network on a Sunday afternoon.

Shout to my people's Elimu Nelson who is in this movie. Also, I have to give him credit for getting me the clip from yesterday's blog of the little girl doing the boxing workout.

Word of the day-Farrago(noun) a confused mixture or jumble.

When I played Boggle yesterday, I encountered farrago of letters that had to make words.

That's all for today. I will catch up you tomorrow.



E said...

Funniest: Elf, Best In Show, Coming To America, Billy Madison, Just Friends, Mean Girls

And Movies that I secretly, rather embarrassingly love:
Crossroads, The Princess Diaries, Shrek, Shark Tail, Madagascar, Daddy Daycare, School of Rock, Nanny McPhee, A Cinderella Story, Cheaper By the Dozen

MissTheda.com said...

You forgot Blazin Saddles and Dolomite!

pdmulrenin said...

You can't forget about "Drumline" for the corny/guilty pleasure movie.

Rakeda said...

Wildcats is a classic

Soo said...

I am a fairly easy laugh, I think, but I don't tend to watch things over and over again. I do have a soft spot for A Fish Called Wanda.

As for movies I'm ashamed to love? Most dance movies. Most teen movies. And sports movies. I can't seem to budge from the telly when I stumble on Center Stage and 10 Things I Hate About You and Rudy. Oh, and I totally second pdmulrenin on Drumline and rakeda on Wildcats.

Okay, I'm very embarrassed now...