Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Can't We All Just Get Along?-Wednesday July 23rd, 2008

Hey all!

I was up late last night catching up with someone on the phone, checking messages on the computer, and had the televsion on ESPN ( Yeah, that's what you call using your 3 and 1 cable package to the fullest! lol)...In the background I hear a segment on TV about a big fight in the WNBA with Candace Parker. I was shocked so I had to take my eyes of the computer and see what happened. I have watched WNBA before and women's basketball in general and have never seen it even get even close to being a fight. Usually there is a lot of Sportswomanship that occurs. In the fight you see Candace Parker shove someone on the floor stemming from a previous foul. There becomes a donneybrook at midcourt where one of the assistant coaches Rick Mahorn, who used to play in the NBA (if you know him he used to be an enforcer in the league) pushes Lisa Leslie to the floor. Then one of her teammates decides to hit Rick Mahorn. Mind you there was only 4.5 seconds left in the game. It was crazy. Here's the clip of the altercation.

See the U.S. recession is getting everyone amped up. The league may have to check the women for HGH as well! LOL!

This incident inspired me to do today's blog on random fights that have occured that were a bit mind boggling. Why cant we all just get along????

Here's a clip of a fight at a game in Saudi Arabia

Well at least you they are not arguing over Oil Prices! lol

This one has an ill Knockout finish

Why can't we be friends?

Even the little ones are fighting these days

You know I could not leave out the soccer fights.

Last clip in this was a sucker move...

Why not put animals into the equation

The lady with shovel in this clip is gangster

Taking it to the streets

I had to put a funny spin on this for the last clip


Let me know what is the craziest fight you can recall or witneseed.

Old School Wednesday video:

Harlemite Shouts Out: Adolphus Beck, Kaza Razat, Tutu, Judy Figueroa-Khan, Brent Boyce,Brian Jelloe, Pat Mulrenin aka The Beantown Brawler, Chris Johnston, Johnny Paps, Ryan O'Flaherty, Elimu Nelson, Billy Blanks, Russ, Terry Christiansen, Brooke Dean,Steroids,Cornbread, Marie and Jess, Leora Edut, Caroline Christine Rodriguez, Jeff Rosenthal, C Boogie, Fizzstar, Yasmin, Shelley Pinks, and Kay.

Quote of the Day: "You can't win!"-Talia Shire in Rocky IV


e said...

Funniest fight I ever saw and most deserved knockout was at the 'cuse. This one kid used to talk so much shit, cause so much ruckus in Harry's, and one night he brought it to the wrong dude. Two hits ... the dude hit the kid, the kid hit the floor.

Renee said...

When I was at the Cuse, I had a fight because some chick thought I was messing with a dude she was messing with... Funny part is she was wrong. BUT after the fight, that fact promptly changed. I figured if chicks were going to be jumping on my back, I might as well get the additional benefits... LOL!

Anonymous said...

I'll tell you why ppl just can't get along. Because they simply do not know the limits, they cross the line. And not only what comes to sport.