Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lighten Up...Just for Laughs! Wednesday July 2nd, 2008

What up Everyone?!

Today I just feel like posting an assortment of clips just to make you laugh. I woke up today feeling that this is needed. A lot of people I have encountered have been really stressed or tense so maybe this can brighten up your day a bit.


My New Haircut

Bro Rape

Office Linebacker-Terry Tate

Post a comment and let me know if any of these made you laugh. Help me Help you!

Harlemite shouts out: Joachim and Akima Rogers, Mosi Singleton, Chris Johnston, Ryan O'Flaherty, Kweli Wright, Debo, Malika, Jennifer Baker, Janet Oberle, Road Rage Rhonda, Erik Thorensen,Kibra and Sarah, Lisa Kitsuki, Lori, Cheryl Ernest,Michael Rivers, Adolphus Beck,and Bahiyah Ronbinson.

Quote of the Day:"Before you act, you have freedom, but after you act, the affect of that action will follow you wheter you want it or not. That is the law of Karma. You are a free agent, but when you perform a certain act, you will reap the results of the act."-Paramahansa Yogananda

Here's a retro video for you before I sign out.

Rockwell-Somebody's Watching Me

Have a great day!

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