Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Ode to the 80's volume 1-Tuesday July 8th,2008

Hey y'all. Over the weekend I was having a conversation with some folk on how much great the 80's were. It really revolutionalized music, television, sports, and a bunch of aspects of entertaiment lifestyle. Today I have decided to post some great items from the 80's.

Here's a classic commercial

Do you remember this toy phenomenon

I never understood why people like Cabbage Patch kids so much...

This video really revolutionized Music Videos. Here are reactions and comments to the video.

Thriller was crazy! You tube did not have enable to embed the actual video.

Here is a montage of 80's Commercials

Let me know what your favorite 80's moments are.

Harlemite shouts out: Norjon Hedman, Kevin Oberle, Janice Bryant, Jeremy Hercules, Ahnya Mendes, Gabriel Mendes,Ziad Mugraby, Van Vader, Mick Boogie, Kevin Powell, Jody Jones, Sandra Ortiz, Maryella Castillo, Chandra Kellerman, Reagan Stevens,Flannery Stevens, Kellye McMillon.

Quote of the Day: " Help Me, Help You!...If you don't want help then just tap out"-RJS II

See Ya!

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