Tuesday, July 22, 2008

The Glorious 90's volume 1

Hey Good Peoples!

It's 90 degrees out today so you know what...Why not talk about the 90's?! When I started putting my thoughts together on this blog and it was ovrwhelming because there is so much to put in thisWhaith that said, I decided to just to do multiple volumes for this. I hope you enjoy this.

Here are some clips from the 90's

Here are a medley of club tunes

Some 90's commercials

This is a classic show

In Living Color is great show.

Here are some great Music Videos

Nirvana was great!

Red hot Chili Peppers


House of Pain

You may hate on this but they dominated the 90's


Now I have to bring you to the west coast

This was a great video!

The 40's in the fridge was classic!

Here's a great Tupac song

This was a club banger!

Wu-Tang Clan



Please post a comment tell me what you liked about the 90's

Harlemite shouts out: Che, Black, Yvette, DJ Kamron, DJ Arson, Derrick Summers,Daoud, Apache, Marv, Doug Nyce, Dolores Concepcion, Kimani Rogers, Tariq Holder, Christine Rodriguez, Rashel Shabgard, Lisa Limb, Joan Troxel, Jessie Maldonado, Bryan Adams, Scott Johnson, Ty, Ian Stewart, Mosi Singleton, Jennifer Baker, Kirsten Magwood, Shavard, Jamil Adams and the whole Exodus crew.

" I wish you had more time" -John Creazy in "Man on Fire"

I will leave you this

Have a great day!


PoME Clothing Co. - Wear You said...

the 90s basketball clip was ill but it would have been iller with a 90s anthem like "protect ya neck" or "jump" or "jump around" like u posted. speakin of that track, i love the remix with the pete rock version

Rene The Harlemite said...

Yeah, I was trying to find a good clip with a dope 90's song in it. Thanks man!

brookeybaby73 said...

this was great! I needed that today :-) Great clips!

formerly DON.LNA said...

That 90s basketball clip is off the chain.