Thursday, July 3, 2008

Pre Holiday Recommendations Thursday January 3rd, 2008

Hey Everyone,

It's time to wind down and get ready for the 4th of july weekend. Enjoy the the time with your friends and family. I dont' know about you guys but I will be BBQing this weekend. Here are some things for you to check out before your holiday begins.

There is no time better than to give you some BBQ tips.

Here's one from the Cleaver Brothers

Here's some country style tips

Here are some firework tips.

This is what you should not be doing...

Here are some good blogs and sites to check out.

This is funny!

Harlemite shouts out: Smax, Mosi Singleton, Elimu Nelson, Elaine Williams, Renee Service, Melissa Chusid, Duke Ampnosah, Jazelle Superina, Kimani Rogers, Wayne Wattley and Derrick Carr.

I am soldier!-Kellen Winslow Jr.

Have a great holiday weekend!

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Curly Sue said...

Thanks for the shout homie! Loving the videos. So how was your 4th???