Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Tuesday July 29th, 2008 -Champions

Hey y'all. Everyday you should wake up feeeling like you are a champion and can take on a suceed in everything the you set forth in doing. If you don't think like a champion you will never be one. So everyone get in the mode of becoming a champion. Take this as a motivator.

Here are some clips of some champions.

Jordan vs. Kobe- Jordan speaks on who would win

Arnold talking on how to be a champion

This may be a bit left fieled but he is still champion

How to become a champion

Jack La Lalanne-How to be a champion

Pre-Game Championship Speech

Here is some championship music:

Buju Banton Champion

Kanye West-Champion

Queen-We are the Champions


Harlemite shouts out" Everyone! Because you all have the heart and mind of a champion in you!

Quote of the day: I atcually decided to give a victory speech.

Have great day!

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