Thursday, August 28, 2008

They Don't Dance No More...

Why is that nowadays when you go to a club, especially a club that is playing hip-hop, no one really dances no more? Everyone is either on their Blackerry surifng the web, texting someone, profiling or worried about who's poppin' bottles. I remember when you used to go out you used to leave the club sweaty because you danced all night. Dancing was all about going out to a club. People had routines and you used to even practice moves before you went out. Now it seems like you'll be lucky if someone snaps their finger to a beat. Let me digress on this topic. I know in some regions in the US that is not true but for the north east it is. Why is this the case? Are there no more dance related songs? It's not cool? Just not the vibe anymore? Maybe if there was more dancing, less staring at people which could perhaps decrease the amount of beef at clubs.That's just a postulate. Even in music videos you don't see alot of dancers like you used to. I remember when artists had their personal dancers that would be in the videos and go on tour with them. Now it's the one man gang show.LOL!

Here are some videos that pay homage to when dancing was a vivbrant part to hip-hop.

JoeSki Love-Peewees Dance

E.U.-The Butt

Bid Daddy Kane-I Get Done (Live)

Remember his dancers Scoob and Scrap Lover

zhigge-Toss it Up

Kid N Play-Too Hype

Rob Base-It takes two

Salt n Pepa

Mc Hammer- Can't Touch This

It may have been corny but he did dance...

Tell me some of the dances you used to do.

Until manana

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Serena W. said...

Rene you are on point! When Big Daddy Kane came to Dallas last fall he brought Scoob or Scrap of them. Tell me why he ripped it then Kane started dancing with him!

But lemme tell you what they are big on out here which to me is worse then texting and snapping fingers...line dancing. Dude they play the cha cha slide, booty call and all of em in the clubs sometimes in Dallas and people breakout and start dancing.

Well I guess they do leave the club sweaty after 30-45 minutes of that lol!