Thursday, August 7, 2008

21 Questions

Here's 21 Questions for you to think about...

1)Who will be the president of the US after this election?..Did the Paris Hilton comments really hurt McCain?

2)Is Hip Hop dead?

3)Will Brett Farve be successful as a New York Jet?

4)Will there ever be peace between the Isrealis and Palestine?

5)Will the U.S. Men's Basketball team win the Gold medal in the Olympics?...Are people interested in the Olympics like they used to be?

6) Will Soccer ever be popular in the U.S.?

7)Will the US economy get better in the next three years?

8)Who/what will be the next music phenom?

9)Will drugs ever be legalized?

10)Will gay marriage be legalized across the U.S.?

11) Why do they call MTV Music Television when 85% of the programming is reality shows?

12) Will newspapers and magazines get phased out by internet?

13) Will CD's get phased out by internet?

14) Will people ever start acknowledging kindness by someone rather always than always acknowleging the negative things one does?

15)Why are people so intrigued with gossip?...How does one decided to become a paparazzi?...Why are people so hyped over Paris Hilton and Britney Spears?

16) Are men really that different from women?

17)Why shouldn't college athletes get paid a stipen for playing collegiate sports?

18)Why do people hate on people that are doing something good?

19) Do you think there will be a tragic turn of events to lead to the end of the wordld in the next 25 years?

20) Do you think the world will look like the Jetsons in the next 10 years?

21) Does sex really sell?

Please post some of your answers to these questions and please add any interesting questions that you may have.

Have a good one!

Signing off... Your friendly neighborhood Harlmite

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