Thursday, August 21, 2008

A Jamaican Sweep! Big up!

There have been a lot of great accomplishments reached during this Olympics so far. Michael Phelps winning eight gold medals is an amazing feat and has overshadowed alot of great efforts. The Chinese are way ahead of the standings in the amount of Gold Medals (I would put a number but do to the time difference it mat be incorrect). They have even been competitive in sports that they have not been known for such as Swimming and Track and Field. Dara Torres being 41 years of age and beating people that are old enough to be her daughter in swimming heats. There are many more amazing moments but I will save those for another blog (smile).

Today I would like to acknowledge the phenomenal races the Jamaicans have run in track and field. The men and women won the gold medals in both the 100m and 200m. The Jamaican women dominated the 100m races by winning all the medal. AMAZING!

Men's 100m: Usain Bolt (world record)
Men's 200m: Usain Bolt (World record)

Women's 100m:
Gold-Shelly Anne Fraser
Silver(tie) Sherone Simpson, Kerron Stewart

Womens's 200m: Veronica Campbell-Brown

Here are some clips of the races:

Commentary on the 100m Men's Final

Homage to the 200m final

Homage to Women's 100 meter

Women's 200 meter

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Big Up!!!

Movado- So Special

Touch Di Road

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