Monday, August 4, 2008

Monday August 4th, 2008- Comedian Tribute: Rodney Dangerfield

Hey Everyone. I hope you had a great weekend. I had an interesting weekend. It started by me being in the Emergency Room because I dislocated a finger on my hand. You always have to look on the bright side of things and I can easliy say it could have been worse. Over the weekend I also thought of a new idea that I want to do for my blog which is do some tributes. I want to start by doing a tribute to particular comedians. I thought a great tribute would be to do Rodney Dangerfield. He was a well know comedian but I feel he is not mentioned the elite list of comedians.He definitely knew how to move a room of people into a burst of laughs. Here is a tribute on Rodney Dangerfield

Here is a good interview with him

Here are some classic movie clips of him

Caddy Shack

Easy Money

Back to School

The Triple Lundy

Here is some stand up from him

A skit of him as a priest with Bill Murray

This is his last appearence

Post a comment to talk about your favorite Rodney Danfgerfield moment.

Quote of the day:" I get no respect"-Rodney Dangerfield

Have a great day!

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