Thursday, August 14, 2008

Spain's Basketball team on Candid Camera, Racism in Spain

I don't know about anyone else but when I saw this photo I was shocked that they would even do something like this. I am not one to go on the race card but I do not buy the excuse that it was done thinking it was cool and harmless. This is a gesture little kids do and that is not even good, but at least they are ignorant to know how offensive it is. What if the Olympics took place in Africa this year what they have taken this picture in black face and thought it was cool? All of those players are well cultured and travelled, so I find it hard to believe that not one person in this photo did not think that this would be offensive. Pau Gasol would not walk up to Yao Ming before a Lakers/Rockets game and do this gesture and think it cool...He would not do it.

I feel this is gotten down played a lot. I have to agree with comment Jason Kidd made. If this was the United States Basketball team that took this photo, this would have been a huge issue. The Olympic Comittee would have stepped in as well as the NBA.

What also surprises more about this is that there have been some many racial incidents Spain during the football (soccer) games. You would think
that they would not want to have any actions signify any notion of negativity.

Here are some clips on Racism in Soccer in Spain

Here is story from ESPN. It is a very good clip. If you dont want to watch the whole thing watch it from 4:50 mark. You will see the coach of Spain talking about Theirry Henry a Black Soccer Player.

Racism in Spanish Football Part I

Part II

Here is Samuel Eto'o talking about the racism is Soccer. He is one one the players in the previous clips that was a victim of this.

Please post your comments on your thoughts on all of this.

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dewha said...

this truly reveals Europe's dirty laundry.. the US has its issues but I'd be hard pressed to see examples of such egregious racism as is displayed by fans in spain and other european countries. the real problem is the governments and teams which obviously look the other way and in the end send the message that they subscribe to the same mentality behind closed doors