Monday, August 25, 2008

olympic wrap up

It has been a great 17 days of excitement in Beijing. Over the past couple of weeks my blog posts have been oriented around the Olympic games. I feel it's really great to see people from countries all over the world come together, compete and show great sportsmanship towards one another.

On a global perpective there was one thing that bothered me. I don't why for two and a half weeks why all countries can't stop any type of fighting/wars. Was it necessary for Russia and Georgia to start fighting during the Olympics? When World War II was going on there was a truce during the World Cup. For an event bigger than that, the Olympics,why couldn't the same thing occur?

Okay, that enough of my venting..

Here's a list of some memories of this Olympics.

Exciting moments
-Seeing Yao Ming play an Olympic game in front of his home crowd.
-The Redeem team(USA Men's Basketball team) winning the Gold Medal.
-The Chinese Men's and women's gynastic teams winning the gold.
-Michael Phelps winnng 8 Gold medals.
-Usain Bolt 100m and 200m World records.
-USA Men's Gymnastics winning the bronzr.
-Shawn Johnson and Natasia Lukin winning gold medals in gymnastics.
-Richard Thompson winning the silver 100m for Trinidad and Tobago.

Inspring moments
-Dara Torres winning a medal in swimming a the age of 41.
-Natalie Du Toit of South Africa swimming with one leg.
-33 year old Oksana Chusovitina of Germany competing for a medal in women's gynastica

Sad moments
-Tang Yongming atacking US citizens and killing one of them.
-Liu xiang being hurt and not being able to perform in the 100 meter hurdle in front of his home fans.
-Both US 4x100 meter teams losing.

Question for you answer..

Which feat do you feel was better Usain Bolt's 3 Gold and 3 World Records or Michael Phelps 8 Gold medals and 7 World Records?

Post a comment of your thoughts on this summer's olympics

Here is an old school olympic video

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