Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Commercial not Underground- Wednesday May 14th ,2008

Hey Good Peoples!

I was talking to some folks last weekend about how much commercials affect our lives. Anywhere you go there is some sort of Ad or commercial selling a product. There is no way of getting away from it. Nowadays, even when you get a bill in the mail there is an ad for something else in that. You look at an event like the Superbowl where people get hyped just to watch the commercials. It is probably the only event known to date where some people are more anxious to get to the commercial break rather than actually wanting to see the program itself.

I feel there are some really brilliant commercials that have been made. Some that people will talk about for years like it was a hit television series. Others make you wonder who approved spending money on making the commercial, and why would you even air this on TV after seeing the final product. They should simply be called NOT made for television. Strictly rubbish! I am going to give you some tips on making a good commercial.

Harlemite's Key Factors in creating a good commercial

1) Concept-If you concept is tight people get caught up in the commercial and even if they don't know about your product before they will at least know the name. That is a a step one in establishing the brand of the product ( i.e. Giego)

2)Delivery- It should be short and concise. Keep it simple. You only have 30 to 60 seconds so creating something complex is not going to work. You want to spoon feed the consumer. You don't want them to think or figure out what they are watching but for them to enjoy it. The average viewer is watching TV to relax not to think. I know that may sound sad, but it is what it is. You have to treat them like dummies.

3)Music- A catchy song, jingle, or instumental can also hook a consumer. They can always stick in someone's head. Familiar songs that are hits can also be a safe way to go.

4)Punchline- If you have a funny or clever punchline or phrase that can be paramount having a great commercial. Even the corny punchlines can work sometimes.

5)Character- Sometimes developing a good charater or image can work as well. With that I feel you have to have game plan set up to do multiple commericals.

It is important to be original and think out the box when creating a commercial. It's the risk you have to take. If any companies need help in achieving this I am a consultant for hire! Help Me Help You! lol.

Here are some commercials for you to look at.

This is a prime example of using a character to establish your brand.

It worked!

This s a brilliant Ad campaign

It used ordinary people and just explained facts.

Here's a classic one that had a catchy saying in it.

Everyone loved this commercial

Here's another classic commercial that a character was developed for it.

Spuds McKensie was a rockstar! lol

This campaign was great because it was funny reached various demographics.





This was simple and to the point.

Very effective!

This is corny but everyone remembers the catchy phrase.

Every Kiss Begins with Kay! LOL!

Another corny but catchy one.

If you were an 80's kid you remebered that one.

Here is one more catchy one for you.

I am sure you ate a bunch of these! lol

Here are some funny ones

Pretty simple and made you laugh.

Please post a comment on what commercials you think are good.

Quote of the day: " Those are my principals. If you don't like them I have others."-Groucho Marx

Enjoy your day and I will talk you tomorrow.


Brooke said...

Great post! and yes, the commercials you featured were classics. I thought I'd see the Budweiser frogs in there :-) I liked the Gap Khaki commercials too. But let me ask you this - are commercials that you find annoying still considered effective? whether it's good or bad? Case in point - that damn "8-7-7-3-9-3, 4-4-4-8!!! Come on mi gente let's get online, for $29.99 it'll blow your mind!" The spanish one! Drives me nuts, but I know it by heart! I guess it served its purpose and I answered my own question!! LOL!!

Take care sweets :-)

Rene The Harlemite said...

Hey Brooke,

I was looking for the Budweiser on but I could not find it for some reason.

The bad ones you will remember but I doubt you will use or find the prduct in your house! LOL!

Thanks for posting and check out my blog!

Be well!