Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Throwback Video Day

What up y'all.

Today I am in a nostalgic mood so I feel there nothing better than to share some throwback videos with you to remember some good memories and moments of the past. Here you go!

Since summer is just around the corner there is no better video to capture this season better than this.

This is a great song that still gets played at BBQ's to this date

Kid N Play always had innovative videos that included good choreography.

Kwame is someone people sleep on but has skills

Shout out to K for making some unbelievable tracks these days!

You can't lose with Prince

Purple Rain was a classic movie!

Okay, I went a bit left field here but this a great movie

Harold Faltermeyer was the movie music score genius in the 80's.

I dug this one out the video archieves

Goonies was another classic 80's flicks. Did you see all of the WWF Wrestlers in the Video.
Cyndi Lauper always thought out of the box.

This is a great Van Halen Video

There's nothing the good old Hair Bands-Twisted Sister

Here's the last one. The Beastie Boys are classic.

Well these are just some videos that I thought of. Let me some of your favorite throw back videos. Post a comment. The Harlemite would like to know.

Shoutouts to Adolphus Beck, DJ Scratch, Yussuf Khan, Chris "Birdman" Johnston, and Nigel Rawlins.

Quote of the day: "Never express yourself more clearly than you are able to think"-Niels Bohr

Audi 5000 until tomorrow homeskillet!

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