Thursday, May 15, 2008

Secret Service and More Hoodrat Stuff-Thursday May 15th, 2008

What up everyone?

I have been reading some disturbing articles that deal with the actions some of supervisors in the Secret Service. In a couple of articles sourced from the New York Times basically detailed how secret service supervisors were exchanging e-mails that were racially discriminatory towards blacks. One of e-mails circulating was about missle hitting an airplane Reverand Jesse Jackson and his wife were travelling on and the conclusion e-mail stated "it certainly would not be a great loss and it probably would not be a accident either." This also preceeds an incident of a noose being found in a room used by a black instructor in a secret service facility in Beltsville, Maryland a month ago.

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Another article found the leader of Barack Obama's secret service, Victor Erevia linked to sending around e-mails of inappropriate jokes towards Blacks and Native Americans. Even though it is noted that he was not the author of the jokes but he was passing them around to his colleagues.
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In reading these articles and observing the current presidential race, the reality has expanded of us having a black president in office next term. It also makes you think who really has Obama's back? Put yourself in his shoes. Would you feel comfortable if you are reading articles of this magnitude about the people that are supposed to be protecting the lives of you and your family? You are already concerned about some of the lunatics and haters out there that are posing threats to your life. Now you have to wonder about the people that are supposed to be protecting you them. Are they really going to be doing a optimum job in doing so? At the same time you are supposed to be leading your country, and be fully focused and expected to do a superb job in doing that. That is not an easy path to walk to say the least.

Please post a comments on your thoughts on this matter.

If you been constantly reading the my blogs , a couple of weeks ago I post showed a clip about this 7 year old kid named Latarian Milton taking his grandmother's car for a joyride because he was mad at his mother and wanted to do some "hoodrat" stuff. If you did not see it here is the clip again.

Well since then, there is an update on Latarian. He has been taken in for a mental health evaluation after recently beating up his grandmother in front of a Wal-Mart because she refused to buy him some chicken wings last Monday. Latarian's grandmother, Vikkita Stratford relates the source of his behavior due to the allegeded verbal and physical abusive nature of his parents that Latarian observes.

It is also noted that Grandma Stratford also sleeps with the keys to the rental car that she has while her damaged Dodge Durango gets fixed, because Latarian had inquired about taking that for a ride as well.

If you click this link you can watch the full story from the local news from their area.

You can also find extra clips of the original story on it with him apologizing and scenes of him walking home with his grandmother. You can see the love there but he clearly needs some help.

I really hope works out for them. God Bless them!

Shoutouts to E. Katz and Ebony Downtin on this one!

Quotes of the day:

"Life is the art of drawing sufficient conclusions from insufficient premises."-Samuel Butler

" I don't start the rumors, I just spread them" -Akima H. Rogers

Talk to you tomorrow!


Amanda said...

Wow and the saga continues. Of course parents hold grave responsibility when it comes raising their offspring but at some point common sense should kick in. In addition, I can't even begin to discuss the disappointment and disgust I have in regards to the news of the secret service. Much Bless...AAA

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