Thursday, May 1, 2008

TEACH THE BABIES-Thursday May 1st.

MayDay MayDay! Harlemite coming in. I hope all is well. I dont know about the rest of the world but it's cold as hell for it to be the first of May in New York.

Today I want to talk about the state of the children in our society. Every day I look around and it seems like the attitude and actions of children is getting worse. Maybe it's me getting older ( I doubt it) but the behavior is has gotten to an all time high for kids acting bad. The language, demeanor and disrespect for them themselves and those around them is poposterous. This emcompasses all races, creeds and ethnicities. I am far from a conserverative but even some of the itmes that I see little girls wearing these days are outdoing what their own mother is weraing who is walking with them. Part of it is that we have young parents, that are actually still kids, raising kids. Another part of it is our community. As a community we have become indifferent to this situation. It is scary to think what the next generation will evolve into with the way it is looking now. I get tired of people putting full blame the music that the kids are listening to now. It's not helping the situation but it is not the direct cause. If you really want to look at it from a logical stand point are these young kids allowing the music to get played on the radio? No, it is grown people that a are allowing it to get played on the radio, put on television , and sold in stores. The grown people are getting paid and making money for that to happen. Even when I was growing up there was music that was explicit and bad things going on in society but I was taught right from wrong from family members, teachers, and people in my neighborhood. More importantly I was taught how to critically think about things. People take everything for face value these days and rarely question anything.

As the African Proverb says "It takes a whole village to raise a child", we must heed this statement. It can be as simple as telling a child something they are not supposed to do and teach them the right way to do it, or actually being a mentor to a kid. You never know the one person you help may be our next president, cancer curing scientist, or Nobel Prize winner. Nothing changes unless you take action for it to change. The time is now for change.

Here some some things that are have watched that I find absolutely absurd:

The crazy thing about this story to me unfortunately is not that this kid at such a young age took a car for a joy ride, but his explaination behind doing it.

I can safely say his grandmother will not be buying him Grand Theft Auto this week.

This clearly is not influenced music but by the older people around him. It's sad that people actually think this is funny.

Our future...This is something great to look forward to in our society

We glorify and sell clips of kids fighting in the street.

Not cool...

On a lighter note.

Harlemite's Word of the day-Nihilism(noun) rejection of value statements or moral judgements. 2. absolute destructiveness toward the world at large and oneself.

Junior's act of nihilism really came out when he robbed all of the elderly people in the neighborhood and spent the money on drugs that he ended up overdosing on.

Quote of the day-" Any idiot can face a crisis-it's the day to day living that wears you out."-Anton Chekov

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Time to eat! I'm out!


e said...

The child spouting hate is most likely the spawn of card carrying Klan member parents. How else to explain where he would get such appauling veribiage that his family would proudly post? Funny? Not even a little bit. Rest assured if that was my son I would drop him off at my father's house for a week. That's worse than a belt or a beating for anyone not in the know.

Sach said...

Our personalities and identities are formed between the age of 3 and 12. Whatever we experienced during the time, we keep it deep inside, and they became our unconscious habit. So, whatever we currently do in our adult age is the same reaction that we took in our childhood. During the age between 3 and 12, parents are the most influential people in our lives. So the parents of those kids most likely have the parents like themselves, and their parents' parents were like that too. It has been and will be carried over to next generations to generations unless someone courage enough intervene that vicious cylcle.

My friend just had a baby two days ago. I held him and thought that this baby doesn't have any hatread, prejudices, judgement on anything at all. We were all born like that. We were born with "nothing", but we became full of hatred, prejudices and judgements as we grow up. So it is our (adult) responsibility to reconsider what we want to leave with our children, and what kind of world we want to create for the generations to come.

Amanda said...

Wow. Young parents seem to be getting worse and worse. I would think young parents would try to help each other with parenting tips or something of the sort; but in fact it's become this trend to have a "my kid's more ghetto than your kid" competition.

An associate was on a video chat session with his sister who had a son age 6. She thought it was hilarious that she could make her son say "Yaaaa Bitch Yaaaa!" Of course everyone cracked up and I responded "Oh that's some good parenting and aren't you a great uncle." Of course they thought I was a kill joy but oh well.

Two minutes later; the child realizing he had the stage, he pulled his pants down and flashed everyone. Again everyone laughed. So now if anyone or an eye in the sky were watching, this could be considered child porn or abuse at the expense of their personal boredom.

So yes, this is what happens when children are raising children.