Friday, May 23, 2008

Friday May 23rd, 2008-Grilling and Chilling

Thank God It's Friday.

For those who reside it the U.S. I know you are looking forward to this long weekend in celebrating Memorial Day. Everyone will be taking out the BBQ grills as we set upon reaching the illustrious season of summer. If there is nice weather in your region this weekend, I am sure many of you will be headed to the beach. A lot of your may be out of town already chilling on a white sand beach.

Well if you plan to take out the grill this weekend. Here are some BBQ tips for you.

BBQ with the Pastor

Here's something for you vegetarians

This is one about BBQ grills. This is funny!

Here's the last one- Shrimp on the Barbie

For those that really know me you know I get down on the grill. Here are a few tips that I humbly suggest to those that plan to BBQ this weekend and during the course of the summer.

Harlemite's basic BBQ tips

If you are cooking meats make sure to soak them in vinegar or lemon juice. This gets rid of any germs that are on the meats. I heard of some people washing their meats (Pause! lol!) with soap and water. I don't know about that one...

If you want to save some time on cooking the meats on the grill, I suggest pot boiling the meat (in particular for chicken) before placing it on the grill. That way it has already been cooked. It really does not take too long to do this. You can also season the water that you boil tho give the meat flavor.

Seasoning is the key to a great BBQ food. Season the meat before cooking and let the seasoning soak in so it gets the full flavor before cooking it. Every BBQ chef has their own secret seasonings. You learn by just experimenting and practice. You can even derive your own BBQ sauce by doing so.

Those are just some basic tips. I will get more in depth and detail as we draw closer to summer.

Please post comment on any BBQ tips or advice that you have.

Harlemite's Throwback Songs of the Week

Live at the BBQ-Main Source
CC Penniston-Keep On Walking
John Parr-St. Elmo's Fire Movie Theme
Ice Cube-Today was a Good Day
Beach Boys-Good Vibrations
Bryan Adams-Summer of ' 69

Here's the Ice Cube video

I am in a Soca State of mind so here's one more video for the weekend

Big up Small Axe Band and the St. Kitt's Massive!

The Harlemite Happy Hour Cocktail of the week

Rum Punch
1/3 fill with Cranberry Juice
1/3 fill with Orange Juice
1/3 fill with Pinapple Juice
1.5 oz of Cruzan Rum (You can add the flavored one)
Splash a bit of Guava Juice

Stir a in a Highball glass

Note: If you really want the party started you can substitute the Cruzan Rum with Wray and Nephew overproof rum. Be careful! :)

Harlemite shoutouts to- Katurah John-Sandy, Jarrod John, Tanisha, Jay Rawlins, Rebecca, Dwain, Mosha, Shauna, The One Man Army Roshawn, Debo, L Booty, Yvette, Wayne Wattley, Andrew Chapman, Jennifer Willard, Pat Mulrenin, Liz and Leslie from, Shelley Pinks, Michael Stevens, Kaiya, Jay Matthews, Tarik, Vanessa DeSouza Walker, Leora Edut, Tutu, Doc, and my peeps Taj who works at the St. Kitt's Marriot. One Love!

Quote of the Day: "Before the beginning of great brilliance , there must be chaos" I Ching

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