Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Blogs, Blogs, Blogs and more Blogs! volume 1

Since this is a blog, I figured why not talk about blogs today. I know everyone and their mother writes one (yes, that includes me). Hey, it's the freedom of speech in cyber space. I honestly can't say that I have read a ton of them but there are a lot of intresting ones out there.

I know there have been some resistance from journalists with blogs since people are making a living off writing them and having no sort of journalism trainning or experience. It is ironic that a lot of journalists have their own blogs.

It is interesting to see how media outlets have evolved through growth of technology.

I enjoy blogging because it is unconventional. You can talk about whatever you want and can use text, audio and visual outlets to do so. I feel that makes things very interesting and refreshing rather than reading black and white print all of the time.

I chose to list some blogs and that I feel are worth checking out.

Harlemite's noteworthy blog list:


Here are some good Video Blogs

A Fly Guy

It's a day and life of a dope un and coming artist.

The Real

An Urban SNL

On the futon with Vanae

Good advice and free spirited info.

Kara Sutra

A great Sex Ed. Blog

Please let me know some good blogs that worth checking out. I definitely like to learn about some interesting new blogs.

Have a great day!

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Sara M. said...

The Kara Sutra lady is great! Thanks for putting me on to her.