Monday, October 27, 2008

Meet the Press (Part 2)-Featuring Mike Singletary

Here's a press conference with the San Francisco 49ers new coach Mike Singletary
He does not have a loss for words and the media is going to love him since he is so blunt.

For those of you who may not know he told his own player, tight end Vernon Davis, to leave the field after getting penalized for unsportsmanlike conduct in yesterday's game. So in part of the interview that is who he is referring to.

If you think he put some fear in the players after doing what he did to Vernon Davis yesterday, you can imagine that he put fear in some of the press people to not ask him any dumb questions.

You have to respect his gangsta.

We need more people like him in the music industry.

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Frank the Tank said...

He was a great player and he will be a great coach. He is an intense person.