Wednesday, October 15, 2008

A "Good American" or an "Angry Zoo Keeper Whose Best Friend is a Stuffed Animal " ..You Decide

The following clip is extremely disturbing but not surprising. I really have not wanted to post too much on the election but this had to be a topic of conversation.
There has been numerous instances of this type of behavior going on and it has been downplayed. If the rolls were reversed and there were Blacks at an Obama event sreaming perjoratives about white people it would be all over the media. Even if Minister Loius Farakkhan were to cttend an Obama rally it would be a huge issue. All the folks in the media, play it fair on both sides...

What are your thoughts on this?

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Anonymous said...

Ignorant, ignorant people. That's all that can be said about people who have this attitude. What's worse is that these are the people who attract attention and take the focus off what really matters in this year's election: foreign and domestic policies of the candidates.