Tuesday, October 28, 2008

A Redneck Split Decision for Obama

We are a week away until we know who the next president of the Unites States will be. Some are predicting that it is a closer race than it seems. In some places or even with some groups of individuals, it is a spit descision. Here are a couple of clips to see the divide with a group in which they call themselves "rednecks".

Rednecks supporting Obama

Rednecks agaianst Obama

It will be an very interesting Election Day Tuesday. Get to the polls everyone.


Pat. C said...

I think that lady is so ignorant. What the hell is she talking about? She thinks that he is middle eastern. ..It is scary to see that there are people that clueless in our country. She proably has never voted either!

Susan Weissman said...

Our country seizes to always amaze me. Who would come up with a group called Redneck for Obama? Then the people in the second clip look like they just drank an 36 pack of Natty Light. The woman was talking such nonsense.

Thanks for these clips. It really sheds light of the country that we live in.

I would be curious to know what they would have to say if a Jewish person was running for president.

Dale said...

They look like a product of an inbred family. Kinda scary.