Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Old School Wednesdays-Oct 1st, 2008

To all of my party people out there you know what today is...It's wednesday. It's time to take it back...Back into time.

Public Enemy-911 is a Joke

Organized Konfusion-Fudge Pudge

Big shout to Adolphus Beck!

Dire Straights-Money For Nothing

Shout out to Sheryl Estrada for the request. You got your MTV!

Motley Crue-Smoking In the Boys Room

Shout out to Aviva Briefel

For those who may just know Tommy Lee as the dude that was married to Pam Anderson, this is the group that brought his stardom

Fall Guy Televsion Theme

Shout out to Andrew Chapman.

If you have a request for a song, post a comment and I will make it happen.
Thanks to everyone that has hit me so far.

Have a great day everyone!

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